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quando a tristeza decide ficar.

Live and Die

All it'll take is just one moment and
You can say goodbye to how we had it planned
Fear like a habit, run like a rabbit out and away
Through the screen door to the unknown
And i wanna love you and more
I wanna find you and more
Can you tell that i am alive?                                    
Let me prove it.

You and i, we're the same.
Live and die, we're the same.
Hear my voice, know my name,
You and i, we're the same.

                                                                                                                                                                                  The Avett Brothers

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♛Queen♛ disse...

Obrigada por seguires e nem imaginas o que significa para mim saber que gostas da minha escrita!
Adorei o post, gosto muito da música :)